Wedding Wear and Book V Film

Here goes week 2 of my introspections! I really enjoyed writing the first entry and thank you all for feedback! I know you are my friends, but I hope I asked for feedback from those who would be honest, and tell me if I wrote uninspiring verbal diarrhoea or insane Introspections!
Each week I am going to start with 2 stats:
  1. 1)      Weigh in – i.e. whether its a stay the same (STS), loss or gain – I am in the realms of where I want to  be,   so a STS or gain, might not be negative, unless I go above the upper limit I have set!
  2. 2)      INR – These should disappear after July (hopefully), but represent my blood readings. Most people are between 0.9-1.3, and I was at 1.1 when diagnosed with pulmonary emboli in January. Until July the drugs are artificially thinning my blood to between 2-3, to dissipate the clots, and stop others from forming.
Wk 2 Stats
1)      STS
2)      2.4
This week there are two subjects which have stimulated my cerebrum to the a degree that i think is worth sharing.
Wedding Wear
Having never been the bride or groom, I have not had the opportunity to set the dress code, and get bored of the suit and  tie combo, which is the uniform for guys (usually).  It also irks me that at a fair number of weddings most members of the party are wearing outfits they are visually far from comfortable in, conducting rituals foreign to them! I ask you, how many times you have seen men pulling and pushing at their morning suits, hired for the day, walking unnaturally, stiffly or overacted ‘Oh yay’ proclamations from someone thrust into the role of MC!
I went to a wedding in December, and wore an amazing country tweed 3 piece suit, which stood out. Despite being en vogue, i was surprised to be the only one attired thus. It was a great feeling, but still at the end of the day a ‘suit’! Am I asking too much?
I have another wedding in April, and want to wear something outrageously unique, but classy rather than punk. I spied a Next suit, which was amazing, with loud blue check, without being tartan  BUT only comes in skinny fit! Which these days should fit, but for actually having thigh and calf muscles. So that is a no no.
I have toyed with the idea of kilts, trews, velvet suits, but can’t decide. I really would quite like to get a white suit, white shirt, tie and shoes, but feel this might be seen as competition for the bride! I did quite like the loud blue suit worn by Robbie Williams at the Brits. But I wonder if it stood out so divinely only because of the monochrome set!
And with the rise of fancy dress popularity  in recent years, I don’t want to look as if I came in fancy dress either (sequinned jackets go out of the window at this point). Any suggestions other than the FB ones already given gratefully received!
And of course this all has to be a little (although not too much) by the wishes of the bride and groom, who get concerned as to who it might look in the photos.
So no further forward in reality!
Film v Book? 
I am absolutely without question a book before the film person i.e. I want to have read the book first before watching the film or TV adaptation. The screen version will be the director, screen and script writers interpretation of the book after all.  However, the frustrating downside of this approach is a poor adaptation. I am not even talking about a different understanding from the book, but a poor, ill thought out adaptation.  This unfortunately happened to me this week.
Does the film stand alone as a piece of work? Why did they decide to miss so many key parts of the characters or plots?
I can not remember a time when I have read the book after the film. For me I want to able to create a picture of the characters, settings, and conversations using my  imagination before being tainted or influenced by the actors and cinematography of the film. It really enhances the experience of watching the film, WHEN the film has stayed true to the novel. I am on the lookout for how the director has interpreted various themes and images consistent with the book. I guess this maybe comes from studying English literature and theatre arts at school.
This of course goes out of sync when parts of the story are not yet released. I wonder how many of you actually remembered your own imagined versions of Harry, Ron and Hermione for instance once Daniel Radcliffe Rupert and Emma were on screen, when you read the later books. I also suffered and continue to suffer in the same vein with the Southern Vampire Mysteries aka True Blood, although the TV show has deviated so far from the books it hardly matters.
I was excited to hear the hype surrounding Beautiful Creatures, and eagerly downloaded to my Kindle and read… The slow pace of the deep south, with its voodoo essence, marshes filled with prehistorical creatures, and constant creole/cajan food ensued… The build up to the climax of the book was, in my opinion, too slow, but forgiven due to the flowing and smooth style and consistency to themes and imagery build throughout.
I couldn’t wait for the film…
I wish I had never watched the film. The story was so changed. There were so many inaccuracies, plot flaws, and important characters missed or changed beyond recognition. The castings themselves were good, but unable to carry themselves or the film, through with a weak, defected, flawed script.
Do not actors read the books first? How do they get into the depths of the character when so changed? Do they have a tug of war? Presumably at the very least directors and script writers are there to discuss the essence of the new characters?
Would it have been different if I had watched the film first? Is this a chicken and egg type situation?
I asked on Facebook and was intrigued to see that some actually read the books after so as not to impact of the film! Is this because a greater part of their enjoyment is the story, and by knowing the ending spoils the experience? Is the film more important to them than the book?
I remain unmoved and will stick with the book first approach.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Wear and Book V Film

  1. Hello Wayne!

    Regarding weddings, I agree that men’s apparel tends to be boring, and unless I’m actually in the wedding, I try to wear something that is “me”. What I usually do is wear something that looks like a suit, but isn’t. One time I wore a collar-less black button down shirt, with black dress slacks, and a raspberry jacket over it. Another time was blue slacks and blue button down, with a white turtle-neck shirt and a nice chain on the outside of the shirt.

    As for film vs. book, I almost always see the movie first. I find that if I do, I like the movie, and then like the book. Other way around, I like the book, and then think the movie was not as good.

  2. I’m definitely a read the book first girl, to the extent that if I really loved the book and can’t imagine a film doing it justice, I won’t go and see the film. (The Life of Pi being a case in point.) I haven’t read the book of Beautiful Creatures but I was rather taken by the cinema ad (on a totally shallow level) so maybe I’ll just watch the film and pretend the book never existed.

    Oh, and re Harry Potter, I still see my original Harry, Hermione and Dumbledore in my head if I re-read them. Most of the other characters have transmogrified into the actors though. I like to think that that’s testament to the fabulous casting rather than to my enfeebled brain….

  3. Hello Wayne, I am thinking of your wedding attire, I agree that white might upstage the bride and you might look the man in those old Delomonte fruit adverts ‘the man from delomonte say’s yes!!’ . I quite like the idea of a kilt which i think you have the legs for, play to your strengths. The last wedding i went to there were a few kilt wearers and they did stand out from the mundane suit and tie set.

    As regards book v film I do agree with you, reading the book allows for one’s imagination to develop and something which i push as a parent, I know that Corah read the ‘Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ first and although she thought the film adaption was good, she felt the book is better.

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