The Art of Packing

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The Art of Packing

How do people, and quite regularly, only pack several hours before travelling! I once knew someone who would even start the washing machine frantically the night before a flight, and stay up all night drying and ironing. Suffice to say our travelling together days are over. I mean really, to pack properly, a Boulevardier however displaced, should have a fully proofed project plan for packing for the trip.

I do accept that trips to the Mediterranean in midsummer do take less planning, as you are guaranteed heat, so shorts and t shirts in the day suffice, but evening wear is something else. How much will it cool down in the evening? What types of establishment are on offer? Should something formal be packed just in case. Even if it’s just a cheap package holiday you may need to mix with the masses, but really don’t need to emulate their appearance!

So several weeks before travelling you should start to keep an eye on the weather in your chosen destination. There is an exception and that is travelling within the UK, as you may start checking in advance but it rarely makes any difference with such unpredictable weather. If travelling within the UK at any time of year plan to pack for everything from heatwaves to Siberian snowstorms and everything in between. I have to confess that I adopt this approach even when heading out overnight. I am well known within my circles of not being a ‘light’ traveller. Well really, what if I change my mind en route as to what I really wanted to wear to the event, or turned up at a party formally attired only to find everyone else in slacks! I say Keep Calm and pack generously.

About a week to 10 days before travel is to commence, you should examine your wardrobe, learn what you can about the resort or activities planned, and lay out your preferred options. This has twofold benefit, in that firstly you have a trial pack to establish that everything fits into your preferred luggage receptacle and secondly to validate what needs a wash before travel.

This then allows time for your choices to permeate your thoughts to check you really have everything you need for this journey. Quite often I ponder particularly on footwear, and whether I have chosen sufficient versatile but cool types for the trip. If heading to the beach you need at least 3 pairs of sandals and preferably 4. They do tend to cause blisters, so you need to alternate your days, when you will probably be taking long walks along the promenade, and have a couple of evening options, if indeed the resort allows for sandals in the evening. If not supplement 2 of the pairs for summer enclosed footwear. And there is no need to let fitness slip whilst away so a pair of trainers for gym/running are in order also.

Similar thought needs to be applied to all categories of clothing, and don’t omit accessories such as belts, hats and sunglasses. I do hate to wear the same sunglasses everyday don’t you?

And not wishing to be coarse but the number of pairs of underwear is another course for discussion. For I could be adorning swimming shorts for most of the day, and only need underwear for the evening. However, if there are many excursions planned in the trip, then swimming attire is neither appropriate or comfortable for lots of walking!

So not being in the position where I can afford to travel first class with a complete range of Louis Vuitton luggage trailing behind me limits options.

I say to those who sneer at me that packing is an art if completed properly, and its totally proper to have packing ‘dramas’, and phone travelling companions constantly in the weeks leading up to travel to discuss and ponder options.

Having recently returned from Portugal for a 5 day trip I am very pleased to have followed the above guidelines. Weather firstly was mixed, from sun to wind and rain with a few storms in between. And secondly the events were varied. My luggage was much larger than my fellow companions, but so what! I had choices every single day, and a few I brought back unworn.

Wow! It’s even quite stressful writing about it, so off for a few medicinal sherries to help calm these shattered nerves…



5 thoughts on “The Art of Packing

  1. Speaking of which…..

    Wayne: ‘How many pairs of jeans do I need for a three day trip? Four? Five? Seven?’
    Me: *excessive eye rolling a la Mad Eye Moody*

    What you really need is staff of course, then you wouldn’t have to worry yourself with these things. 😀

  2. Wayne I have just read about your travels or more to the point your packing, I think you are wasted in your day time job as I was completely engrossed in your blog please write more and make sure I get a copy as I am intrigued to follow what you are all about. I honestly find this really refreshing and want to know more. Yours an avid follower.

  3. I could really tease the heck out of ya Wayne for this post, and then I’m reminded of the trip to Colorado, where it was 4 days, and I had 5 pairs of shoes, so I’ll just say “nice post” and wait for the next one. LOL

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