I started my blog in early 2013 as a creative outlet to share my introspections…

I’ve managed to post once a week despite holding down a demanding job. In January 2014 my blog evolved with the introduction of a weekly Breakfast Club with members of my community. Please take a look and let me know what you think…

I’m also writing short stories, a novella, and a serialisation which hopefully will be published one day.

Me – early 40s Londoner, part time corporate being and the rest of my time dedicated to writing.

You can find me on Twitter @Berkeley39 – come find me and say hello 🙂

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Wayne, your neighbour the other side of the wisteria here. I came across your blog by chance this evening – actually I was checking Twitter to see if there was anything about those fire engines racing by this evening, and came across a Crouch End Wayne. Even if there hadn’t been photos of you, I’d have identified you for sure by the comments about the jasmine – isn’t it just heavenly? Have you seen how it is growing up the side of my house? It actually originates from neighbours 2 doors down from you.
    Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you was how shocked I was to hear about your illness. It’s terrible that one can live in such close proximity to someone and have no idea. I wish you all the best for a full recovery. Strangely enough I very nearly sent you a text much earlier this evening as you were strenuously watering the garden and we were eating our supper on the other side of the fence (and enjoying your 80’s music): I have a garden hose that almost never gets used. I’d be very happy to loan it to you if that would be of help.

    All the best


  2. Wayne you keep us entertained ever Sunday afternoon. Mum loves to listen to your latest blog. Keep them coming. Carol.

  3. Loving your blogs as ever…it never fails to surprise me how beautifully you write. You are in the wrong job…! Sorry we keep missing eachother by phone… but these blogs are a great read and give me an update on your life. Sending you much love and hope you beat this horrible illness soon. Clare xxx (Glinders!)

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  6. Hi Wayne – for some reason I cannot get on to your newest post to post a reply to your comment. Dunno why, but it just keeps timing-out my Google+ log-in. Anyhow, I shan’t be at Polari this Friday, more’s the pity. Well, not such a pity as we will be in Spain the next morning. Plenty of opportunity to mug-up my Lil impression – loads of “Lil-likeys” on the Costa, dear! Jx

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