Rediscovering my Inner Thespian

Opening up my WordPress account on a Sunday feels like meeting with an old friend after a break, and there is so much to update on.

Firstly I’m taking a sabbatical to focus on my health, creativity and life. I am writing my novel which is exciting and hard work, and researching the following novel. I hope to ¬†write every day.

The Breakfast Club is still going strong and there is lots happening, as always, but I’m not going to focus on that today. Do not fear I am making notes every week and will publish an update in some format in the future.

At school I was involved in a lot of plays, and even had a couple of starring roles. I was the Owl in the Owl and the Pussycat (see below) and Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In my work as a Sales and Marketing Director one of my favourite tasks was to present at conferences, seminars and workshops. I always tried to inject as much drama as possible even if the subjects were corporate. The bigger the audience the better.



I recently auditioned for a part in the Old Vic New Voices Community Theatre Company, and in particular in the upcoming production of a new play called Ages. The email alerting me to the opportunity said ‘no experience needed’, hence I felt I could apply. Over four days the directing team auditioned over 1400 people – 50 were needed. I was astounded to be called back and even more thrilled to get the phone call to say I’d made it into the company. Yesterday I went to the Meet and Greet. It was an electrifying day packed with fun, music, movement, photographs, being measured for costumes, getting our parts and a read through of the play. The company brims with a diverse group of individuals of all ages, races, cultures and backgrounds and we gelled together beautifully.

Ages is written by Alexandra Wood and spotlights the older London community. It’s flow is delicious and evokes a full spectrum of emotions. I wanted to cry, laugh and exclaim vitality during our first read through. I was grateful to be given a role with lines and am determined to bring as much flair and panache to my character as my ability allows.



Rehearsals start Wednesday evening at the Old Vic rehearsal rooms. I still can’t believe I’m using the Old Vic and me in the same sentence. Expending creative energy gives me revitalising life energy.

The play runs from Sunday 26th April for 15 nights until Sunday 10th May. I will post further about tickets and times when I have more information.